Musings on Reading Challenges…..


You’ve seen them. You’ve participated in them. Goodreads has their yearly challenge. Book Bingo Boards. Read Harder. Your local library. And so on. The list is ENDLESS.

When I was a small child, I adored reading. I learned early and received my first library card at the age of 4. (My Gma promised me if I could sign my name.) I loved the summer reading programs and always participated in them. If not for the prizes (yay! Prizes!) but for the feeling of accomplishment.

Last year my library did a summer reading program for adults. Read 100 hours and get a Tshirt.


Needless to say I managed it in a few weeks. All of last summer I think I read a total of 240 hours. XD

The point of a reading challenge is to HAVE FUN. BRANCH OUT. ENJOY YOURSELF. If your not experiencing any of those things, what’s the point? Don’t stress it. The fact you are reading is a good thing!

I challenged myself to try and read 40 books in 40 days. Day 3 and I just started my work week. I’m probably not going to finish a book before I pass out. XD Nor am I going to stress it. The whole goal is to get through my library pile. Or at least make a dent in it. 🙂

I am an overachiever when it comes to reading. I usually participate in all the challenges, read the “hard books.” (Les Miserables by Victor Hugo was a doozey). I like to read and I excell at reading challenges. 🙂

So if your a busy mom, a college student, etc. TAKE TIME for a bit of fun reading. Audio books. E books. Go to the library and see their selection. Read a book your friend recommended. JUST READ.

And now I’m going to snuggle into bed and attempt the most Englishy English book I’ve ever come across. XD



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