None of the Above

None of the Above by I.W. Gregario


Genre: YA/LGBT/Fiction


Give me a moment while I collect myself. This book hit really close to home to my heart.

This is a book about a young woman. Krissy. Track star. Perfect boyfriend. The “In” crowd. Friends who’ve been friends since the diaper years. And then she learns something. She learns that she is intersex. Or the more dis-used term, hermaphrodite. She is a woman with internal testicals.

This is a story about her journey and discovering who she is and what makes a woman a woman. People with AIS tend to be women. Without female internal organs. Which can only be found out during an ultrasound. They appear to be women but don’t have the internal plumbing. Surgery is often performed to remove the testicals. And Krissy’s journey was a hard one to read. The bullying. The name calling. And for once I was pleased the adults seemed sensible.

This book was about identifying with yourself and what makes you YOU. It was a very informative read and I learned alot. These women are not transgender and there is quite a bit about different types of intersex people (while Krissy was researching.)

This hits close to home because my brother came out as transgender and decided to go through the M-to-F transition. She is now known as Isabelle and I love her as much as I loved my brother. Nothing will change that and I will fight for her and people like her with every breath in my body.


Growing up, my brother was my best friend. I have so many good memories of Alex and I growing up. As an adult I embrace Isabelle for her courage, her humor, and her bravery. I grew up with a brother, and as an adult, I gained an older sister. I’m okay with that. And I accept it because it’s who she is and who she wants to be and that makes her happy. Which all I want for my siblings is to BE HAPPY.

I HIGHLY recommend this book. It was soooooooo good and I felt myself tearing up as Krissy was discovering herself.


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