Codex Born

Codex Born by Jim C. Hines (Book 2 Magic Ex Libris


Genre: Fantasy/Sci Fi


Libraries kept you from being alone…Books were your friends growing up. Your companions, your teachers…How many of those friends understood you as well as books did? Every book opened your mind, showed you the infinite paths that lay before you. Each one connected you to another soul.

This one wasn’t as good as the first but still a very fun read. I stand by my statement if Harry Dresden and Thursday Next had an alternate Universe baby, it would be this series. Issac Vainio is a libromancer. A person who can manipulate matter from books and make them real. He fights vampires and werewolves and protects the mundanes from Rouge libromancers and dark magic. Lena is his Dyrad girlfriend (kinda) who is a character personified into reality.

Issac and Lena find themselves in a prickly situation and once again, the Porters come and require his aid. Mysterious libromancers of unknown orgin, bugs made of metal, untouched magic, the story unfolds to reveal a dark truth about Guttenberg and the history of Libromancy. It also puts who Lena is under the microscope and she truly discovers what it means to be what she is.

If your seriously jonesing for something to read after the Dresden Files, read this. If your a Scifi/Fantasy buff, read it. There were so many cool and nerdy references  (from Doctor Who, Tolkein, and The Princess Bride) that my inner geek was pleased.

Highly recommended! Make sure you read the first one. XD

Beneath the anger and, if I were honest, the overwhelming terror, a part of me was looking forward to this. It was the part of me that cheered for every David-and-Goliath tale of the underdogs triumphing over impossible odds and unbeatable foes.

It was time to slay a dragon.


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