Friday night done right…


I am 28 years old. I drink sparingly and don’t have many friends. While millenials have #TGIF, go clubbing or bar hopping, I find myself in bed well before midnight, beneath my pile of blankets and a book. Throw in a lap cat and a cuppa tea for good measure.

“OMG You are such a nerd! Do you know how nerdy that sounds?” Erm….not really? I don’t like large groups of people to start with. I’m usually tired after I get off work and hitting up a bar doesn’t seem all that exciting. Really. I mean that. I’ve worked most of my adult life and never had time to drink my way through my early 20s.

I don’t need to justify myself. I’m a homebody. My cat requires meds that need to be taken at 10 pm. I LIKE being at home. And you know what? I am a nerd. Or a geek. I rock my Tardis earrings, immersed in Hello Kitty bedding wearing Starwars pajama pants and a funny shirt. (Today is “I’m Done Peopling Today.) I embrace my awesome and take pride in my quiet nights.

Just because I’m a bookworm doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have fun. 😉



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