The Weight of Feathers

The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Maria McLemore




Because for one second, all that light you see everything. Maybe you don’t know what you’ve seen, bit you’ve seen it, and that goes with you.

Well….I tried to like this book. I tried to get into it but alas, it was similar to rubbing my eyes with alcohol. It was meant to be pretty. It was meant to flow beautifully. But it was like dragging sounds over broken glass. If that makes sense. It read like a deeply broken novel launguage wise and it was a struggle.

Two families, deep in superstition, blame each other for their faults or bad happenings. Both families are performing families. The Palomas take to the water with their mermaid show and the Corbeau’s take to the trees with their people bird performances. Lace, a young Paloma, gets caught in acid rain and is saved by Cluck, a Corbeau boy, and thus believes because she was touched by feathers, has reigned down a curse on her family. She is outcast and tries to garner forgiveness from Cluck, but ends up falling in love.

Confusing. Normally there’s some sort of back story to the legends or the magic and there wasn’t much of that. Plus there was alot of french and Spanish sayings and it pulled from the story. The plot….well…there was kinda one. Intermingled with all the incoherent bits. I didn’t really feel for the characters or the story line. I felt like I needed more background to the WHY the Corbeau family sprouted feathers. And why the Palomas believed they were blessed by merpeople. It seemed like it pulled from some type of Native American legend? But without any validiction.

Overall, not a great read. It was supposed to mirror ‘The Night Circus’ in some sense and got high praise but alas, it fell short for me by a long shot.


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