The Perks of Being a Wallflower


And in that moment…I swear we were infinite.

This is one of those books that touches the soul and the conscious and makes you realize your sense of self and feels you with awe that SOMEBODY GETS IT. Somebody understands. That you are not alone. This is by far one of my favorite books ever and also one of my favorite movies. (Which I managed to pick up for $3.74 today at Walmart.) This is the standard for which I rate most ‘coming of age’ stories. And Perks is definitely hard to top. Elanaor and Park by Rainbow Rowell comes to a close second.

What makes Perks so unbelievably amazing? Because it shows us that average people can be amazing. It’s about finding the good in everyone. It’s about friendship in the deepest of sense and connecting to others. It’s also about depression and being bi-polar and is a really good look at the sub concious. And it is one of the very few book to movie adaptations I can get behind and throw at you.

What made the movie great? First off, the screenplay was written by the author. He ALSO directed it. The cast pretty much nailed the feeling of the book. Which is pretty damn hard to accomplish. The story is perfectly paced. Nothing too vital was left out and it’s just all around amazing. I’m always left feeling with a sense that I know myself just a little better after watching it. And cheering along the underdogs.


So if you haven’t read it yet, go read it. Then watch the movie. Then watch the movie again. And buy the book and quote the hell out of it. Because this book/movie is just that incredible.


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