Culling Books


Every book nerds worse nightmare. That moment that you realize that you might have to part with some of your beloved paper children. Of course, depending on circumstances, this will vary. Moving, lack of shelf space, your partners disdain for piles, and an assortment of other reasons.

Growing up, I didn’t have many books. We had family books but my own personal collection was very small and fit in one book crate. Upon getting my own apartment, I went to 3 bookshelves. And when we got a house, I made it to 5.

Then all my books ended up in storage and I was allowed one bookshelf and I invested in a kindle. (Because I was damned if I couldn’t read. Reading is lyfe.)

My partner and I eventually got another apartment and I was forced to decide what I wanted to keep. Having my kindle, I had a great many deal of doubles which made some of the process easier. The next step was: Have I read this book and do I plan on reading it? Is it worth re-reading? I managed to cull about half of my collection.

In 3 years, I am now up to 7 bookshelves. 2 my dad made (solid oak), one my little sister made in woodshop, one came from Goodwill as a Christmas present, two are media shelves from Walmart and lastly I have my nightstand. Almost all are filled to the brim but I do still have a few empty shelves.

I only really buy pysical books that I know I’ll love. Or ones that I’ve read (and will reread). Or to complete certain collections. There’s still a great deal I haven’t read on my shelves but for the most part, I’m happy with it. I’m more apt to buy a Kindle book now vs a physical book. Mainly due to lack of space. (I was banned from more shelves).

Whatever the reason, sometimes taking a good hard look at your collection is nessesary. One day I’ll have my own room just for reading. For now, I love where me and my shelves are at. 🙂

I’ll spend the rest of my afternoon engrossed in IQ84.


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