Time Cat

Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander

Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Classic

12/Clearly not 40 THE GREAT READING BINGE OF 2016

Just Because Book


“Where do you think cats go when you are looking all over and can’t find them?…And have you ever noticed a cat suddenly appear in a room when you were sure the room was empty? Or disappear and you can’t imagine where he went?”

This was a fun and delightful quick read. It follows after Jason and Gareth, a beautiful black cat with a strange white marking upon his chest. Apparently cats don’t have 9 lives, but they can’t visit 9 points in time. Jason and Gareth take off on an adventure through different points in history and shows different civilizations the importance of cats.

I loved this book and thought it captured the mannerisms of cats perfectly. It was also a good rendition of brief history for young readers. From Egypt to Ireland, you meet a cast of famous historical figures.

I highly recommend this to any cat lover. 🙂 (and I always knew cats had a built in Tardis!!)

“What civilization would be complete without a cat? What greater blessing to the home than a kindly watchful eye of this tiger of the fireside?”


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