The Theory of Opposites

The Theory of Opposites by Allison Winn Scott

Genre: Chick Lit

13/Clearly not 40 THE GREAT READING BINGE OF 2016


“Its the Theory of Opposites…we’ll disprove his own theories of inertia and ‘it is what it is’ and ‘Everything happens for a reason’ because we’ll run counter to all of these things. We’ll purposefully choose to live life on the hire wire, or the fine line, where life actually becomes alive.”

William “Willa” Chandler-Golden was supposed to be born a boy. Her father is a #1 bestseller of his self help book ‘Is It Really Your Choice? Why Your Entire Life May be Out of Your Control’ and Willa has an ingrained sense of what happens is all part of destiny. That it was meant to happen. That there is no way around it. Her husband Shawn then proposes a break where they should ‘see other people’ and this is the start of her world falling apart. When it rains, it pours. She loses her job, her brother ends up in jail, she loses her apartment, her nephew is contemplating life’s great mysteries, and she is left with with a sense of “Why?” With the help of her best friend Vanessa, she is able to transform herself from her dad’s shadow and discovers what it really means to be Willa. Together, they decide to write a self help book to end all self help books. Grab life by the bollocks. I Dare You.

This was a book that I needed to read. It was hilarious, well thought out and the pacing was perfect. It was about breaking out of the mold and self discovery. I connected with Willa and knew that sometimes you have to take the plunge to discover who and what you are.

I highly recommend this to the ladies who might need a boost of self confidence. It was a funny, quirky read and I enjoyed it immensely.

This might be the scariest dare of all: to refuse to let life carry you along its stream, to plant an anchor in that stream and say ‘Enough’. ‘Enough’ of letting life whiz by, ‘Enough’ of accepting just okay for yourself, ‘Enough’ of refusing to be bigger than you think you can be. Giving into inertia is the most natural, most innate human tendancies, so we can not promise that this second step will come easily. But when it does, you’ll feel it, deep within your soul, deep inside your heart, that you- little old you- might have the ability to change everything.


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