The first 30 days…


Today marks the one month anniversary of my blog and the start of my 40/40 challenge. In the initial post, I said I would try to read 40 books in 40 days. That clearly isn’t going to happen as I’ve only managed 18. 17 of them were library books and one was a recently purchased. Considering I made the whole thing over me not touching my library check outs, I’d say I’ve done pretty darn well. XD And I’m clearly still enjoying myself so, in my minds eye, I am winning.

So the 18 books. Most were okay. Some I thought were great and a few others felt like trudging through mud. My favorite book this month would have to be The Theory of Opposites. The longest was 1Q84. My least favorite was The Weight of Feathers.

“Where do you find the time to read?!” is a frequently asked question. Well…I haven’t been binging on Netflix, I set my phone down and read. FB is a time waster. And with my non-existent social life, I give you this:


Just kidding. Kinda. I do have friends but I still spend an awful lot of time at home. By myself. Or the cats since I consider them my people. XD I really don’t do big groups. 🙂

Overall, I’m on track to keep enjoying myself. I’ve started and stopped only a handful and managed to weed out a considerable amount of “This looked appealing but I’m never going to read it.”

Happy reading folks!


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