Emmy and Oliver

Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway

Genre: YA
19/Clearly not 40 THE GREAT READING BINGE OF 2016


Sometimes the things people don’t say are louder than the words that come out of their mouth.

This was was unique. Emmy and Oliver are best friends since birth. Neighbors, born on the same day, until one day in the second grade, Oliver is kidnapped by his father and disappears.

10 years goes by and after extensive media coverage, trying to find them, life settles into “normalcy”….when Oliver is finally located and shipped back to live with his mom. It’s a large adjustment as he faces life after being a milk carton child and Emmy and her friends have to adjust to Oliver being back. And Emmy’s parents have to learn to be a little less protective.

I LIKED this book but I didn’t love it. I felt that there could have been more to the story than what was presented. It was a cute love story but it seemed a tad rushed. It was through Emmy’s point of view and I thought it could have benefited from split POV with Oliver. The writing flowed but I wanted more. More info. More on the characters. Just…more. So this one fell fell a little short for me. It could have been way better.

I recommend it to anyone who likes the YA genre and wants a good palette clenser.

The world continues to spin even when we want it to stop…Especially then.


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