The Dinosaur Lords

The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan

Genre: Epic Fantasy…/Scifi
21/Clearly not 40 THE GREAT READING BINGE OF 2016


This mainly got stars for the cover. Look at that cover. Isn’t it gorgeous? With the promise of something totally awesome and amazing? WRONG.

Wrong. This book was complete and utter crap. There is this world called Paradise. Where man lives alongside dinosaurs and lives…not so peacefully amongst each other. There’s alot of war. Alot of political mumbo jumbo. And…..that’s about all I got from it. Seriously. 500 pages.

Take a bowl of beef stew. It looks and smells delicious. Then you are asked to identify all the parts that make this soup. But…plot twist! They give you a tooth pick to eat your stew. And it’s a mushy gross stew.

And here’s why:

Complaint A) LACK OF PLOT: This book started nowhere and ended nowhere and went nowhere.

Complaint B) The women were awful. I can’t even. It seems like it was written by a man who has no idea how to write women.

Complaint C) Epic Fantasy FAIL. What makes an epic fantasy? Well…A quest. Alot of characters. And an actual plot, for starters. And none of the characters progressed. At all. And it was hard to follow. And none of the points really added up.

It was a hodge podge of a sausage fest. Yes. I went there. My duck bill is bigger than your duck bill. Let’s arm us some dinosaurs and FIGHT TO THE DEATH for no reason.

I can go into more depth but this book, in short, wasn’t worth the time it took to read. It didn’t make sense. Nothing was explained. It was a giant sausage fest of Dino riding warriors making war on each other for no other reason than they smelled funny. Maybe. I couldn’t actually discern a reason for all the war mongering. And the guy who died twice and this or that and NOTHING WAS EXPLAINED.

Just oggle the cover. This book wasn’t worth reading. I also believe that the world needs more honest reviews.


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