And thus…


My 40/40 challenge is complete. I managed 23 books which isn’t TOO BAD, all things considering, and I won’t be reviewing the last one I read on here because it was downright terrible. (My Life With the Walter Boys by Ali Novak). So I’ll take this space to talk about what’s next and what I plan to do.

I plan to continue on with THE GREAT READING BINGE OF 2016. It goes hand in hand with my Goodreads count so I’ll keep plowing through my pile as long as I can. I think I challenged myself to read 150 this year. And summer reading at the library is right around the corner. Which starts in June, and I’m down for that. Along with Bingo and whatever my FB book group presents to me.


Speaking of Challenges:


Next week should mark my 500th BOOK ON GOODREADS. Yes there should be a party. Yes there will be cake and party hats and I will take pics. Of course, I’ve read more than 500 in my lifetime this far, but it’s the 500th I have marked since using Goodreads as a tool.

READ HARDER as they say. 🙂

Happy reading folks!


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