Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

Genre: YA Fiction/Paranormal


This book wavered between 2 and 5 stars for me. It was brilliant but parts of it came off as a bit juvenile, long winded, and unnecessary.

Kami Glass lives in a little English town called Sorry-in-the-Vale. She’s a bit strange and is intent on digging up the secrets of her little town, especially those concerning the Lynburns, the towns oldest reigning family. When they return to Sorry-in-the-Vale, mysterious things start happening and she’s faced with murder, intrigue and magic. And most confusing of all, her lifetime imaginary friend comes to life in the form of bad boy Jared Lynburn. Armed with her best friend and people hating Angela and the gorgeous “got boobs at 11” Holly, and Jared, they are intent on digging up the secrets from the cellar. Even if it means betraying your family.

This book had brilliant dialogue. The word play between characters was astounding and it helped form the connection between certain characters, especially Kami and Jared. Angela came off as a bit eh but she grows on you. The only issue I had was mainly the juvenile aspect. I thought things could have been explained better and there were some parts that jumped around and made no sense to the actual plot. (For instance there is a scene where Kami and Co are investigating a hotel and her and Jared randomly decided to go swimming in the pool.) The mystery aspect was interesting and you can’t help but like Kami. 🙂

I plan on continuing the series. It’s quite a bit similar to Beautiful Creatures and The Mortal Instruments and has elements that trap you in. I’m hoping the series gets better with each book. (I believe it’s a trilogy). I highly recommend it to people who enjoy YA Paranormal books. This book was focused around magic and sorcerers.


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