We Are All Made of Molecules

We Are All Made of Molecules by Susin Nielsen

Genre: YA Fiction


Stewart Inkster has always wanted a sister. His mom died of cancer and after a few years, his dad decides to date again. Caroline is recently divorced  (her husband came out as gay) and her daughter Ashley could be less thrilled over the whole thing. Stewart, armed with his fluffy Himalayan Schrödinger Cat, decides to quit going to his Gifted Academy and attend the local high school and hopes he can make fyriends with Ashley, who is a dense, vile, vicious human being. Family dynamics are tested and Ashley learns the meaning of being knocked down a few pegs, as Stewart tries to come to terms with his new family.

This book swapped between Stewart and Ashley. Stewart was a bit brash and being gifted, a tad over the top, but he did make the best out of the situations presented to him. Ashley was about as horrible as you could imagine. Stuck up. Arrogant. Not terribly bright and couldn’t accept her dad as gay for most of the book. It took her getting sexually assulted at a house party by a scum of a boy to finally make a turn for the better. In the end, she creates an anti-bully group to protect Stewart and other kids who may need it. After having lost her position on the high school social ladder.

I have mixed feelings about this book. Ashley was your typical mean girl fashionista and I felt sorry for Stewart for most of the book because he tries too hard. Ashley eventually learns to accept her dad and his partner (but only because Micheal is SO FABULOUS in the fashion industry) and it felt like she just failed at humanity in general.

This was a good look at bullying however, as well as teenagers who sexually assulted inebriated young women, and how to come to terms if your parent decides it’s time to embrace who they are.

It’s a YA novel so I can’t expect much. Ashley pretty much ruined this book for me.


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