Shockaholick by Carrie Fisher

Genre: Memior


Having finished Wishful Drinking a few weeks ago, I nabbed this one, which details her experience of electroshock treatment being used to treat depression. And the memory loss that comes with it. This book was broken up into parts as she discussed certain profound memories that she didn’t want to lose. And talked about her addiction, her depression and her relationship (or lack thereof) with her dad. She ended the book with a eulogy to her coke buddy, drug addled sexaholic father, and the relationship they were able to make towards the end of his life.

For a memior, it wasn’t terrible and Fisher has a unique NO FUCKS GIVEN tone with story telling. Whereas Wishful Drinking felt like an AA speaker meeting, this one was a good look at the why she is the way she is and how her broken brain receives things and using Electroshock as a way to heal.

I recommend this to fans of hers as well as anyone who wants a good look at her life in general. 🙂


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