Revisionary by Jim C. Hines

Genre: Fantasy 


But if that’s what you want, the best thing you could do is read. Libromancy is all about reading and loving books. Find the stories you love, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong for loving them.

This is the 4th and most recent book of the series. I’ll avoid spoilers the best I can.

After the death of **********, the world has fallen into turmoil over the sudden realization that magic is real. Issac starts up a research facilty called New Mellenium to help people through magic. The world is in uproar over magic users and non humans and the politics involved are about what you can expect. Government wanting warfare, people demanding cures, and a group of vigilante magic users made up of ex-porters who want to make the world safe again. Issac and Co. find themselves in the throes of a government conspiracy and it takes everything they have to stop it.

Change is a difficult, often violent process, both for individuals and for whole species. The more rapid the change, the uglier the conflict.

This one was action packed and flowed oh so beautifully. The story drew me in and I continue to fall in love with this universe. I can’t wait to read more of what Hines has in store for this series. It combines the magic of books, with high Scifi references, human characters (aka characters you can relate to), and a sense of thrill as you try to uncover the mystery.

Definitely the series to read if your a book lover and a fan of Harry Dresden. 🙂

Story was magic. Magic was story. Memory was also story, disparate events linked together in our minds to create a narrative.


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