Love Water Memory

Love Water Memory by Jennie Shortridge

Genre: Fiction


Not everything that feels like a mystery in life is from a missing memory. Life is full of things we can’t figure out.

Lucie Walker finds herself knee deep in the San Francisco Bay with no recollection of who or what she is. The doctors diagnose her with a form of disassociatve amnesia and her fiance Grady comes down from Seattle to collect her. She can’t remeber who she’s supposed to be and with Grady’s help, begins to pick of the pieces of who she was before her mind slip and starts discovering the person she wants to be. Monsters are dug from the closet and she is faced with realizations that tore her memory apart to begin with.

This book wasn’t awful but I felt like it could have been written better. It felt like it was missing a certain kind of omph behind the words. The plot, however, was fantastic.

I have faced some pretty traumatic events in my life and whereas I don’t suffer from amnesia, I understand the blacking out of certain events. So I related go Lucie quite a bit as she tried to find herself.

Overall, a good read, but one I likely won’t revisit. 🙂


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