A Princess of Mars

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Genre: Pulp Scifi


Hooray for pulpy Scifi books! Published in 1917, this book appealed to boys of all ages. Daring Virginia Gentleman John Carter finds himself on the barren terrain of Mars and is taken prisoner by giant green martians. He stakes a claim and then ends up falling in love with a beautiful human like martian, Dejah Thoris. A love story so vibrant begins to unfold that I’m suprised it didn’t appeal to more ladies back in the day. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It’s a classic. It’s cotton candy for the brain and it was a bit campy. I generally don’t read alot of hardcore scifi, but this one was immensely enjoyable. 🙂

Highly recommended for people who are fans of Scifi books.


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