Praying Drunk

Praying Drunk by Kyle Minon

Genre: Fiction


Q:What was the purpose of this book?
A: A

catalogue of stories and sadness, beginnings and endings, the stuff of childhood, death. Nothing new can happen here, so all you do is think about the days of life when possibility hadn’t been ripped from you forever, when anything could happen, and wonder why so much was squandered. So much


This book was a collection of short stories about the incredibly depressing life of the author. It opens up with the story of how his uncle commited suicide, and continues on to the dark crevices of someone who suffers from manic depression. Preacher turned author Kyle captures the rawness of hurt and solitude in such a way that you will cry while reading and possibly throw up a bit.

This was a terrifyingly good read. I recommend it to those who like books on the morbid side.

If I lose my demons, I lose my angels as well.


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