Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen

Just Because Book
Genre: YA Fiction/Fantasy


You can’t make someone fall in love with you. I should know. And this is where the storytellers write their own sugary versions of the truth. A pack of lies until they reach ‘The End’. But no story ever comes to an end, at least not one so neat. There are voices silenced, characters erased at the storytellers whim…They do not tell you what happens when the children have eaten their way through the witches treasures and face another starveling winter, when the glass slipper no longer fits the crone’s swollen foot. When the beauty doesn’t fall in love with her beastly prince.

Oh this was a good. A rare random grab and an odd spin on fairy tales and curses. This one is a strange retelling of beauty and the Beast but the beast isn’t who you’d expect. And the curse is well explained as is the magic. A young girl named Sarah is faced with family truths after her mother suddenly disappears and her father drops her off at her grandparents castle. Mystery unfolds in the forest as she looks for answers.

This book was beautifully written without being bogged down. And it was a fairly quick read. I recommend it to lovers of fairy tales. 🙂


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