Blackout : The Things I Drank to Forget

Blackout: The Things I Drank to Forget by Sarah Hepola

Genre: Memior


Drinking had saved me. When I was a child, trapped in lonliness, it gave me escape. When I was a teenager crippled by self conciousness, it gave me power. When I was a young woman unsure of her worth, it gave me courage. When I was lost, it gave me the path, that way towards the next drink and everywhere it leads you. When I triumphed, it celebrated with me. When I cried, it comforted me. And even in the end, when I was tormented by all that it had done to me, it gave me oblivian.

This is a powerful, raw and moving account of one woman’s journey through alcoholism. And how much it is a disease of the mind, and how one does not have any control over its power. She finds redemption and sobriety, but fumbles along the way as most of do through life. I rooted along with her and cried through the last part of the book when she had to put her 17 year old cat, Bubba, down. He was with her through thick and thin and never judged her and she always cared for him and I related to that. Among many other feelings.

I like hearing people’s stories of triumphs. I like knowing I’m not wholly alone in this universe. I like feeling somehow connected to the lost and broken people of the world. Because if you are lost and broken, I am lost and broken too. I will be there to glue you back together.

As a memior, this one was very good. It’s an eye opening look into the mind of an alcoholic. And it’s chilling with its detail and it’s rawness. I recommend it. 🙂


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