The Last Days of Newgate

The Last Days of Newgate by Andrew Pepper

☆☆☆/5 (2.5 stars)
Genre: Mystery


This book was pretty depolrable. For a mystery, it was so interwoven that you couldn’t pull the threads apart. The plot didn’t follow course and the main character, a rouge-ish beast named Pyke, was dislikable, violent, and overall a pretty terrible person all around.

It takes places in 1829 London, and the last days of the Runners which were police men back before an actual police force. Torn up with greed, murder, profit gain, and just generally nasty people, they were doomed from the start. Pyke is trying to solve a murder when he is charged with the murder of his girlfriend and he tries to flee. He is arrested and tired and manages to escape prision. He leaves a trail of murder behind him as he tries to uncover the plot.

I didn’t care for this much. It was longwinded, political, and just not my kind of story.


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