Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan  (#3)

Just Because Book
Genre: YA Fiction/Fantasy

But only because I truly believe in us, the utter depths of our incompetence, and that it must inevitably lead to our epic failures.

This is the third, and last book, of the series. And thank god because I don’t think I would have read another one. This was a series that, like the Divergent trilogy, got successfully worse with each book. It was nice in theory but alas.

In this one…the town is under seige by the evil Rob who has captured Jared and locked him in a priest hole and is starving him. Kami and Co. go and rescue him and try to solve the mystery of the town, and trying to save it in the process. Lots of people die, things go kaboom, people get turned into statues and the climax of the book was….unimpressive. *poof* Done. The End.

My biggest issue with this book was the inconsistencies with the characters and lack of character progression and growth. Jared is like Jace and is the only one to improve. Ash (his ‘cousin’ *cough spoiler cough*) was mainly put in to be a plot point  (love triangle, magical third wheel sorcerer) and Kami was just….it’s hard to explain. She’s supposed to be this amazing kick ass heroine but spent the entire book not really doing anything other than trying to make Jared love her. And making out with Ash. And nobody accomplished much of anything.

For instance: Rob just sacrificed *edited for spoilers* and they weep over his body and go back home. That’s it.

In other words, interesting idea, but really bad/inconsistent writing. It was funny but I’d have liked a little more plot filler.


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