Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto 


Genre: Fiction 

Banana really is an astounding writer. She captured grief perfectly and made her characters human and likable. 
In the first story, an orphaned girl loses her last remaining relative, her grandmother. She is then invited to live with a stranger (who knew her grandma) because she has nowhere else to go. She meets his mother (who is also his father) and they bond over loss and life and food. A few months after she moves out, the boys mother is killed in a hate crime at the club she works at and the both of them have to find their footing during their time of grief and she hopes that she can pull him through. 
Overall, a bit short. I would have liked more on the actual story. The second part was about saying goodbye to loved ones lost unexpectedly. 
I would recommend her to anyone. Short, quick, and described the sadness and lonliness that is life beautifully.


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