The Darkest Part of the Forrest 

The Darkest Part of the Forrest by Holly Black


Genre: YA Fantasy 

It’s rare to come across a stand alone fantasy YA novel. And this was such a book. It takes place in a magical town where mysterious things happen with the fair-folk. A sister/brother team fight the evil ones while swooning over their prince, a fairy locked in an unbreakable glass casket in the woods. One night, the casket is broken and the plot goes into play as secrets are revealed and mystery is uncovered.
This one was okay. I felt like it could have been better as a series, because things were kind of rushed. The lead is a strong female character and I would have liked to see her grow a bit more. And there’s no love triangles. 
I’d recommend it but it’s just okay. Beautifully written but there’s better things out there.


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