The Detective

The Detective by John L. Howard (#2 Johannes Cabal)


Genre: Fiction 

I do almost everything for reasons that might be characterized as selfish. I regard my life as a vital thread in the ongoing march of humanity from protoplasm to- I don’t know, to be honest. Something slightly better than protoplasm would be a start. Therefore, anything that threatens my life now or later has to be dealt with. Paradoxically, that often means risking my life to secure my safety. The difference is that I risk it on my own terms.

This is the second book in the Johannes Cabal series. Having just finished up the Carnival, Johannes finds himself in a bit of a pickle. He tries to ‘borrow’ a book and somehow finds himself in the waves of political upheavel. He tries to escape on a zeppelin guised as a pencil pushing government employee, and instead finds himself knee deep in a murder plot aboard the Princess. Begrudgingly, due to an attempt on his life, he attempts to uncover the murderer and uncovers more than he bargained for.
I have loved these books so far. They are funny and even though Johannes is dispicable, you can’t help but like him. Very little necromancy in this one. But lots of mystery. 
I highly recommend this series. 🙂


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