The House at the End of Hope Street 

The House at the End of Hope Street  


Genre: Fiction 

And some people don’t have what it takes to be happy. It’s not an easy thing, you know. It takes courage and determination to keep looking for a light in all the darkness of life.

This was a book I needed to read and am glad that I did. If you are a woman: read this book. If you suffer from depression, read this book. If you need a little light shined on your life, READ THIS BOOK. 
There is a magic house on the end of Hope Street. It makes itself visible only when a woman had fallen down a darken path and needs to get back on their feet. You only have 99 to stay in this house, but that is enough. The house will help. 
Alba is such a woman. Disaster strikes her PHD program and she finds herself at a loss. Her mother commits suicide and she is friendless and her family is dysfunctional. She finds the house, enters it’s doors and begins to find out what it means to live. And to find her passion in life. With the housemates, talking pictures of distinguished women, Peggy (the mother of the house) and a mystery afoot, this is a book about hope and pulling through. 
I highly recommend this one. 🙂


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