We Are Completely Beside Ourselves 

We Are Completely Beside Ourselves By Karen Joy Fowler


Genre: Fiction 

This one took me a couple days to get through. 
It wasn’t a bad book by any means. It was artsy in the sense that the author started in the middle, went to the begining and then ended with the end. It was a bit heart wrenching in spots, and some parts I had to walk away from. 
Rosemary never talks about her childhood. Not about her missing brother who sends post cards every so often, nor about Fern, the sister she suddenly loses when she was 5. (And not through death.) This is a chilling tale about the psychology behind thinking and the author took it upon herself to make it into a vendetta for animal welfare, with the tones heavily leaning towards PETA. 
I could have done without the dead kittens bit. 
This book was interesting and thought provocing, but if you do intend to read it, keep in mind that it does expose alot about animal welfare and their past use as lab animals. I shouldn’t have finished this one, but I wanted the happy ending. (Which SPOILER: there is one.)


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