The Belgarid

The Belgarid by David Eddings 



Genre: Fantasy/Scifi 

I first fell in love with Garion’s universe about 15 years ago. A good friend of mine leant them to me and I was hooked ever since. I slowly began collecting them (as well as Eddings other books) and the set you see pictured above are still my original copies. I haven’t replaced them and they’ve moved with me as much as my first edition Potter books. I reread them every few years and will usually continue onto The Mallorean and Belgarath and Polgara.
What makes this series so timeless and do enjoyable? After you’ve read it the first time, you know that Garion (Belgarion) is actually the long lost king of Riva and yes, he destroys Torak and everyone lives happily ever after (or at least until The Mallorean starts.) Even though you know the end, Eddings writing makes it exciting every time you read it. You still find yourself chuckling over Ce’Nedra and Garion’s squabbling, you root for Polgara as she faces down Salmarissa. You gasp just as loudly as Errond hands Garion the orb, revealing him to be the King, and you sit on the edge of your seat as Belgarath, Silk and Garion make their way aross the Angrak kingdoms. 
Rereading this series is like the first time, every time. The sense of adventure, Garion coming into his birthright, the cast of characters that are humanly faulted and can’t help but feel as though you yourself are part of the party. 
I spent the last week among friends. I fondly stroke their worn paper covers, smiling sadly as I return them to their proper shelf.The tale never gets old and I know they’ll always welcome me back. Starting at a little farm in Sedaria, where a young boy with a mysterious mark on his hand is cared for by his Aunt Pol.


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