The Fear Institute 

The Fear Institute by Jonathan L. Howard  (Johannes Cabal #3)


Genre: Fiction 

Every waking moment of our lives we spend as hostages to the terrible ‘perhaps’. We dread the unnameable that lurks beyond our doors. We collapse into ridiculous phobias with the most fleeting provocation. Clowns! Birds! The number thirteen! Each one a nail driven into the fabric of our lives, limiting our movements, hemming us in, draining our futures of possibilities. How many better tomorrows have been lost because of natural human timidity? How many wonders have never seen the light because those who dared dream them could never build them?

This is the 3rd book about Johannes Cabal, Necromancer of little infamy. He’s made deals with Satan, became a detective and now he finds himself in the employment of The Fear Institute who proposes a trip into the Dreamlands to capture the Phobia Animus, or the creature of fear. Things don’t go the way you expect (per usual) and Johannes uses his wit and cunning to get through the land imagined by HP Lovecraft. 

I absolutely love this series. It’s funny. Johannes is so unlikable he’s likable and I can really see this as a graphic novel someday. 

Be warned, there is a rather gruesome cat death but it ends on a good note. (The guy responsible ends up getting eaten by feral cats). 

I highly recommend this one. 🙂
And because I was cat less again, here’s a Betsy, whom I am dogsitting for the week. 😀


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