Coming Clean

Coming Clean by Kimberly Rae Miller


Genre: Memior

As a little girl, I used to lie in bed, thinking ‘Maybe if I endure all my pain now, I could be happy when I’m older.

This one hit a little too close to home for me. My mother was a hoarder and our house probably belonged on Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Kimberly recounts the tale of her childhood and her father’s OCD and her mother’s medical problems and shopping addiction. As an adult, she finds herself trying to help and always failing. This was a good look at hoarding and how it effects the children. Kim grew up to be a clean freak who still loves her parents. 

I have hoarding tendancies ingrained into me from my childhood. As a kid, it was blasphemy to throw stuff away. It made me embarrassed to throw things away. Our house had a walkway through it and piles to the cealing. My room became a junk room. I was forced to fold my little sisters baby clothes once a month. Even when she was 8 and 9. Our fridge was a joke. We had a flea and rat infestation and like Kim, am plauged by nightmares about hoarding. 

As an adult, I try to proactive. There are things I can’t get rid of, and other things that are easy. I have a spending problem and thanks to my mom, I like to collect trinkets and books. And display them. My apartment is nowhere near as bad as when  was growing up. Our house, when we moved, had to be condemned and knocked down due to hazardous conditions. Black mold, the house was collapsing due to problems due to the infrastructure thanks to rats. I promised myself that I would never go that far. My dad, thank god, is a neat freak. 

One of the things that stuck out the most was how when your living in it, you don’t notice it. I see pics from my childhood and I just cry.

This was an honest depiction of what growing up in a hoarders house is like.


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