Tailchasers Song 

Tailchasers Song by Tad Williams


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy

I found this one at the library today. Actually it jumped out at me. And I read the back: “For anyone who loves and understands cats…A fantasy of epic proportions in the vein of Watership Down.


It was very much like the Warrior series but for adults. It also reminded me of The Wild Road. I am baffled that this book has been around since before my birth and I just now come across it. 

Dark things are happening and cats are disappearing from the forest. Young Tailchaser is torn because his beloved Hushpaw goes missing. Making it his mission, he sets off to find her. He gets a collection of companions, Pouncequick the kitten, Eatsbugs the mad, and Roofshadow, as they venture out to face the darkness and take up a quest that would rival their fairy tales. The darkness is more than they bargained and hope is tried as they find their true selves and their hearts desires. 

I adored this book. It was an adventure with CATS and it doesn’t get much better than that. XD It was alot like Watership Down in ways, minus the undertones of dystopia. And alot less bloodshed.

My friend is astonished I’ve never heard about this book before today. XD


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