A Study in Charlotte 

A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro 


Genre: YA Fiction 

Wait for now. Distrust everything, if you have to. But trust the hours. Haven’t they carried you everywhere up to now?

I am a serious fangirl of Sherlock Holmes. Like, Arthur Conan Doyle Holmes. I tend to pick these books up with too high of expectations, however.  

This is like the next-next-next-next generation of Watson/Holmes. It follows after the descendants of the beloved characters in the form of James Watson and Charlotte Holmes. At a fancy pants boarding school in America. Through James’s POV, we find out he was somewhat obsessed with meeting Holmes’ descendant. And upon meeting her, feels a special connection to her. And forms an alliance. And then murder happens as someone toys with them and bases the murder off of Sherlock Holmes: The original. Which they are blamed for. Chaos ensues as the mystery unfolds, Charlotte has a drug problem, and James has anger issues. 

Oh. And they fall in love. *headdesk*

I felt like this book failed to capture the essence of Holmes in general. I disliked the protagonists and felt the mystery wasn’t that well thought out. And it felt rushed. 

Like I said, I’m a fan. And I’m likely to read the second one as it had higher ratings. 

It wasn’t terrible for a YA novel. Just don’t get your hopes up.


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