A Sense of the Infinite 

A Sense of the Infinite by Hilary T. Smith


Genre: YA Fiction 

I wondered what it would be like to be a person who felt strong and even, everyday, who didn’t fall into these craters where everything was too bright.

This is a YA book with some heavy issues. 

Annabeth and Noe are best friends forever. They have their future planned to a T. Annabeth is shy, quiet and depends on Noe to help her drift along though life. Until senior year. When Noe starts dating Steven (who is absolutely fantastic) and drifting away from Annabeth. During a hot and heavy home coming dance, Annabeth does the unthinkable and sleeps with a man on a one night stand.  And finds herself pregnant. At 17, she does what her mother was unable to do at 19 and gets an abortion. She starts battling within herself for not knowing her father, her mother’s depression and her fraying friendship with Noe, which quickly turns ugly. With Steven to lean on, Annabeth learns what life is after Noe. 

For such a heavy handed book (with all sorts of hot button topics) I felt like this book could have better described the heavy topics. (Teen depression/suicide/teen pregnacy/abortion/anorexia/etc). And it was broken up into way too many chapters, from which I was unable to discern what the author hoped to accomplish. It was a quiet book and filled with heavy thoughts which left me thinking. And pondering. 

I suppose it would be a gateway book for parents to talk to their children about the issues presented. 

Overall, it was a good book and it was beautifully written. I recommend this to fans of YA.


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