Every Exquisite Thing 

Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick 


Genre: YA Fiction 

And so maybe it isn’t the motivating factors that matter so much as simply participating- thrusting your best, true, authentic self into the universe with wild abandon. Maybe yielding to our true nature propels us forward into the great unknown, towards targets that we haven’t even dreamed up yet but exsist non the less.”

I think this was my least favorite Quick Book. And I have one more of his to read…also it’s been awhile since I read some of these so bear with me.

A young girl named Nanette is given a copy of a book by her English teacher that changes her life. She is introverted, recluse, and would rather spend her lunches in her English teachers office than with the other kids. Until she tries to kiss him and gets banned from interacting with him on all counts. She becomes obsessed with the book, Bubblegum Reaper and sets off to find the author. Because a book just can’t end on a cliffhanger right?

She ends up befriending the author and along the way, gets introduced to a young rebel poet. Together, with many mishaps along the way, they try to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the books ending. And the author himself. 

This one seemed a bit inconsistent to me. It followed a direct plot, it’s characters should have appealed to me, but overall, fell a bit short. Nanette was a bit too full of herself for my liking. 

Overall, it focuses on the lonely, quiet people and their potential for courage and bravery. And apparent ruckus rousing. 

I’d recommend this to fans of YA who like a good mystery.


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