Party Monster 

Party Monster by James St. James


Genre: Memior

We didn’t wish- wishes are wasted…We didn’t hope -because our future was inevitable…We didn’t pray- we were on our own.

I grew up having watched this movie. It was a favorite of my dads once upon a time and needless to say, it was an interesting movie. 

James St. James. Club kid. Druggie. Fashionista. Etc. He recounts the true tale of a man named Micheal and how he murdered a man named Angel. This story brings us to the end of the Warhol era of NYC club paradise and into the days riddled by queens, Special K, and abstract underground parties. It also details Micheal’s rise to power and how hard he fell and what transpired. 

This book was previously published as Disco Bloodbath. And changed to Party Monster shortly after. It was a bit eccentric and filled with glitter and feather boas and had a very real feel to the talk of drug usage during the 80s and 90s. And the rise and fall of eccentric clubbing. 

I found the book interesting and James is a decent narrator. I recommend this to people who are interested in the history behind clubbing or if you want to know the real story.


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