Sorta Like a Rockstar 

​Sorta Like a Rockstar by Matthew Quick


Genre: YA Fiction 

And I had been praying for a chance to make a difference in the lives of people who need it the most, because that’s all I really want to do with my life-to help people who need it.

This was read at the start of my trip to Missoula.  

Amber Appleton is the poorest kid in school. She’s homeless and lives with her alcoholic mom on a school bus in the bus yard. (Her mother works as a bus driver). She owns a dog and a garbage bag of belongings. But life doesn’t get her down. She has a group of fantastic special needs friends, teaches Koreans how to speak English through soul music and befriends a Vietnam vet through a letter program. She volunteers her time helping other people because Jesus is her Rockstar. 

Then, her life falls apart when her mother is raped and murdered. 

This book was AMAZING. You can’t help but feel for Amber as life keeps beating her down and how she always tries to come up on top. After her mother passes, she is faced with so many hard decisions and life in general.  It was an uplifting story. (Despite everything.) 

I highly recommend anything written by Matthew Quick.


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