Love May Fail 

Love May Fail by Matthew Quick


Genre: Fiction

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.

This was the last book I read on the way home from Missoula. 

This was a story about mysterious coincidences coinciding with the past and the present and the future. Portia Kane decides to leave her millionaire pornographer husband and move back home. Back home to her strange and eccentric mother. Home to where she hopes to find hope in her senior English teacher. The man who gave her a card making her a ‘member of the human race.’ The man who encouraged her writing. The man who made her believe she was somebody. Arriving home, she finds out that things have changed beyond her wildest imagination and finds love in the least likely of places. 

No, she doesn’t hook up with the English teacher. XD

This was a book about finding hope when things get too dark. It was about picking yourself up again and again and again because you are human and as a human, you are allowed to be different and allowed to make mistakes. 

Matthew Quick us definitely one of the best authors I’ve come across this year. His writing is compelling, believable, and he is king of the misfits. He has such a good voice while writing, and you feel for his characters. 

Highly recommend anything by him.


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