This is Where the World Ends 

This is Where the World Ends by Amy Zhang


Genre: YA Fiction

Miracles do not belong to fairy tales. Miracles belong to the desperate, because only the desperate believe in bullshit.

I’m still catching up. XD This was read on the way home. 

Janie and Micah are best friends. She was the girl who moved in next door and they hit it off right away. But nobody knew about it. In highschool, Micah wakes up in the hospital and Janie has gone missing and no one is willing to tell him anything past the fire at her house. And him being responsible for it. The story unfolds about a girl and a boy who are just trying to figure life out.

This book was short. And it was eh. But it did shed alot of light on rape and what is consensual sex. And of course it touches on teen suicide. For such a heavy handed novel, I found it lacking. It was written in preset tense Micah and past POV Janie. 

This is a sad one and not overly terrible. I do recommend it to fans of YA novels.


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