Armada by Ernest Cline


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy

My whole life, I felt like I was destined to do something important, but I was only ever good at video games, which I always figured would be completely useless. But it’s not useless, and neither am I. I think this is what I was always destined to do with my life. I just never knew it.

I only picked this one up because I LOVED Ready Player One. I wasn’t disappointed. 

Zack Lightman is your supposed typical gaming teenager. He lives with his mom (his father passed away in a strange accident after he was born), he works in a used video game store, and he has his nerdy best friends. But one day he sees an alien spaceship in the sky and his whole world is turned upside down. What if video games weren’t just for entertainment? What if they were actually training simulations put in place by the government to ward of an impending alien invasion? Zack learns alot about himself, the world he thought he knew, and the father he thought he buried by investigating his journals and taking the step towards saving the world.

This book was your typical campy scifi adventure. Brain fodder, so to speak. It screamed Enders Game  and Robotech and touched on just how important gaming could be. It posed a question that has been asked before and was overall, a good read. The characters were a bit cut and dry to a mould, but Zack himself is a misfit in a land of misfits trying to find their place in the world. 

If you want a fun, quick, super scifi book with a happy ending, pick this up. 🙂


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