The Forbidden Library 

The Forbidden Library by Django Wexler


Genre: Juvinille Fiction 

Indeed, books. They are the ocean in which magic swims.

First of all, this is an adult reading Juvenile Fiction. That does not hindrance my review or opinions in any way.

Alice lives with her father alone in a big house. One auspicious night, her father gets home and as she watches through the crack in the door, sees her father speaking to a fairy. This is just the start of Alice’s adventures. The next day her father leaves on a trip to South America and his ship goes down, and he is believed dead. Alice goes to live with her Great uncle Greyson and his immaculate “library” over run with cats. What Alice learns, will change her life forever.

This book was in the tone of Inkheart and Libromancer and just about every book related book about books and reading. This one specifically focuses on the magic of ‘Readers’ who hold domain over magic books. They can enter different worlds and planes of exsistent. They can also bind book creatures to themselves by conquering the resident in a Prison Book. 

This book was fantastic and appeals to the book lover in me. It was a fun adventure and the author is exciting and it doesn’t lull from the plot at all.

I recommend this series to people of all ages. 🙂


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