The Mad Apprentice 

The Mad Apprentice by Django Wexler (#2)


Genre: Juvinille Fiction

‘You’re very brave…it caused you so much pain, but you kept going.’

‘It’snot courage so much as stubbourness…I don’t like to lose.’

Alice is the newly appointed apprentice to Uncle Greyson, a magical Reader. She is coming into her own and collecting creatures in her arsenal and learning what it means to be a Reader. Then Greyson sends her on an errand. In which she meets several other apprentices, an old friend, and has to travel into the relm and labyrinth of a deranged monster. Will she get the answers she so desperately seeks?

This series is a fantastic read. The magic. The characters. The adventure and the action. Problem solving, strong characters, and best of all: book magic! And cats. This is the second book in the series and I have the third one on hand. I promise not to spoil. XD


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