The Brothers Cabal 

The Brothers Cabal by Jonathan L Howard  (#4)


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy 

‘Life is an adventure. Well, mine is. Your’s too.’

‘Not by choice…If the knowledge I seek was readily available, and if society wasn’t so protective of its corpses, few of the travails I needs must undergo would be at all nessesary.’

This is probably going to be my series of the year. HANDS DOWN. THIS SERIES I’D FANTASTIC. GO READ THE NECROMANCER RIGHT FLIPPING NOW.

In the 4th installment, we have Johannes’ thrice dead vampire brother Horst (who we last saw at the end of The Necromancer burning up in the sun) caring for a very ill Johannes. While bedridden, Horst tells an amazing tale filled with zombies, werebadgers, conapiracies, Annie Okley type heroines, and enemies back from the grave. And he enlists Johannes help to save the world (again) which Johannes hadn’t meant to do prior. 

This book was FANTASTIC. I adore Horst and all his fabulousness as a vampire. He’s humourous, fantastic, charasmatic, and you can’t help but love him. And Johannes you can’t help but lovingly hate him. Since getting his soul back, he has started to develop a bit of a concious. And the brotherly relationship was highly developed in this one. 

(Fantastic fan art)

Go read this series! It’s amazing and lighthearted with a dark sense of humor!

One is often judged by the quality of one’s enemies. 


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