The Soul of an Octopus 

The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery 


Genre: Non-fiction/Memior

Unless people know about and see these animals, there will be no stewardship for octopuses in the wild. So knowing they are going to accredited institutions, where they are going to be loved, where people will see the animal in all its glory-that’s good and it makes me happy.

This was a non fiction book based on one naturalists experience studying octopods. I picked it up because I love octopods and the cover looked interesting. 

In this book, she discusses the personalities and quirks of several octopods who call the Boston Aquarium (?) their home. She learns that they do have thoughts and can figure things out and each octopus had different traits. 

Octopods are beautiful creatures. One of my favorite parts was when she went to the Seattle Aquarium and was audience to “Blind Date with an Octupus”, an event where aquarium staff allow the octopods to mate before releasing them into the PNW waters. 
Blind Date With an Octupus 2014

I recommend this one, especially if you like learning things. 🙂
*Note on the text: The proper pronoun for an Octopus is OCTOPODS not ‘octopi’ as previously reasoned. You can not add Latin suffixes to non Latin words and the word ‘octopus’ I’d actually Greek in orgin. 


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