Soulless by Gail Carringer 


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy


So I needed some brain candy after finishing Tropic of Cancer. What better to purge the brain than smutty steampunk vampire werewolf supernatural shennanigans?

Written in the tone of a badly written fan fic, we meet the Soulless Alexi, who is a spinster at the ripe age of 26. She is somewhat involved in the supernatural community and her best friend is a flippant vampire who has the best fashion sense in London. She also has the hots for the Alpha BUR sexy werewolf detective guy, Earl Maccon. 

Of course he’s scottish. Let’s just throw that in there for good measure.

So there’s something going on with the vampires, werewolves disappearing, and Alexi being targeted by mad scientists. Throw in mad science, a secret society and a secret lab and a few automotons, and you have the blend for perfect brain candy.

It wasn’t bad…..but it’s what I needed right now after such a dense book. It certainly wasn’t the best thing I’ve read and I made sure to get the rest of the books because I want to see if the author has it in her to actually develop her characters. 

Did I mention the Scottish werewolf?


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