The Invisible Library 

The Invisible Library by Geniveve Cogman


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy 

To serve the Library, I would work with murderers, or thieves, or revolutionaries, or traitors, or anyone who will give me what I need…I am sealed to the Library. I can make my own choices to some extent, but at the end of the day, bringing back the book the library wants is my duty and my honor and that’s all there is to it.

I stumbled across this one at random. If you liked Jurisfiction in the Thursday Next series, this is definetly up your alley. Books. About books. 

This is a debut novel where our MC works for the Library. A secret, indemensional place that houses literature from everywhere. Parallel universes and what not. MC (I’ve forgotten her name) gets paired up with a young newcomer fresh out of training to go into one of these world’s to fetch an original copy of Grimms Fairy Tales. The world is filled with chaos and mystery is afoot.

I was seriously blown away by this one and pawned it off on my roomie who is almost done with the second one now. XD

So if you like books about books…


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