The Magicians 

The Magicians by Lev Gossman (#1)


Genre: Fantasy 

It’s like he’s opening the covers of a book, but a book that did what books always promised to do and never quite did: get you out, really out of where you were and into something better.

So I’ve been told to read this one by my house mates. And then I’m supposed to watch the show based on these books. I was told that it was like…a Harry Potter for adults but instead of primary school, it’s a wizard college. 

Quentin Coldwater has never felt right. Until he gets a mysterious acceptance into a magical college that seems like right out of his favorite childhood story. He proceeds to learn magic, make friends, and be awed by the world that has finally accepted him. Until he graduates and learns that stories are, in fact, real. And straight out of Narnia-esque setting, find himself with his friends overthrowing an evil tyrinical overlord in a magical land. 

I did like this one, despite feeling rushed as Quentin and co. went through school. I love books about books and this was no exception. Luckily I have the entire series on hand and look forward to reading the rest of it. 

I do recommend this to people who like fantasy and books about books. It was quite good.


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