Thinking in Numbers

Thinking in Numbers by Daniel Tammet


Genre: non fiction 

Human beings quest for meaning is perpetual; lack of meaning is offensive to the mind and whatever the scale of the problem, a solution is a thing of beauty.

This book is written by an Austistic man and how he relates the world of mathmatics to the world around us. Math is, as everyone knows, not my strong suit. I picked this one up for a bit of whimsical reading. 

Almost an autobiography, Daniel talks about the world around us and different thoughts and ideas and how it relates to the wonderful improbable world of numbers and formulas. He goes through different memories and how they shaped him into the person he is. 

The math was a bit much so I skipped over those parts. But I did enjoy reading his thoughts on life, the universe and everything. Can’t say I understood most of the math, but alas, it was an overall good read. I find that people with autism are wonderful individuals, filled with suprises. 

I recommend this book if you need an uplifting read.


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