The Fall of the House of Cabal 

The Fall of the House of Cabal by Jonathan L Howard  (#5)


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy 

‘Minty, I’ve been alive and I’ve been dead. Being alive is better, believe me. When you return to life, you won’t remember any of this, but perhaps you’ll remember this much. To have a good life. It’s brief. It’s often troublesome but it’s a great deal better than the alternative. We’re all in the grave, we poor creatures. Make what you can of those years when the spark is in you.’

~Horst to Minty the ghost

All the tears. Hats off to Mr Howard at so thouroughly concluding the series and tying loose ends, so much to that I haven’t been this satisfied since Deathly Hollows

This one picks up right where the last one let’s off. Finally, the conclusion we’ve been waiting for as Johannes journey comes to an end. His quest is at the tips of his fingertips. But first, he needs a little help from his friends. Joined again by Horst, his thrice dead Vampire Brother; Ms Barrow, The Great Detective, and a few new faces, the Brothers Cabal face down their greatest nightmare in all the relms. The Red Queen. And search for the cure for death. Zombies, alternate universes, sexy spider lady, a ghost witch and a young ghost name Minty, are all wonderful additions to the series.

I absolutely ADORE this series as a whole. It’s funny, wordy, the author breaks the 4th wall continuously, and its absolutely hilarious, it gets my pick for series of the year. The last book was published in September. SERIOUSLY. YOU NEED TO READ THIS.

I will now sate my appetite with beautiful fan art and the novellas.


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